As a blogger, it’s really important to stay as organized as possible when you’re planning out your blog content each month. I work really hard to create amazing and useful content for you guys and my content calendar is how I stay focused! I have had lots of new bloggers ask me for advice on how to schedule out content, so I thought I would create a post and video sharing my top tips for scheduling your blog content. I’ve also included a FREE blogging content calendar, which you can download, here!

xo, SM

// Tips on Creating and Scheduling Your Blog Content //

Find your Perfect Post Schedule // We are all very busy (to say the least!), so blogging can easily take a backseat if we aren’t careful. It’s important to set realistic and attainable goals when planning out how many times a week you can post new content on your fashion, beauty, or lifestyle blog. I have found that posting 4 to 5 times a week is the sweet spot for me. Sure it’s hard, but it’s the way I get traffic and followers. Think about your weekly schedule and find out how much time you can devote to blogging each week and stay consistent with it. Even if you can only post 2 times a week, it’s better than nothing!

Make sure Your Content is Valuable and Unique // There are so many fashion and beauty blogs out there, so it’s important to create content that your readers find useful and inspiring. Your followers come to you because of your unique voice and personality. Remember to make sure that your posts, videos and photos are helpful to your readers and showcase your personal style as well.

Schedule Out Your OOTDs // Each month I call my photographer to schedule my outfit shoots for the month. I always like to shoot 4-5 looks per photo session so that I can have consistent content on hand for my social media outlets. I also plan out photo shoots for my sponsored posts for the month. This way if I have a product or service to feature, I know when and where it will be shot and when I can publish the post.

Stay Consistent // Whether you just started or have been blogging for years, staying consistent with your blogging is SUPER important. Sure, there will be times when life gets hectic, but if you plan out your content in advance, you won’t have to worry so much when it comes time to post. As cheesy as it sounds, the trick is to stay positive and keep your blog content fresh and current!