Hey guys! If you follow me on social (hello Insta!), you know that I have been posting on my YouTube channel on a regular basis. My latest video is all about how to start your first fashion blog, which is the first video in my brand new series called The Business of Blogging. I am asked all of the time how I started my blog, what tools and I use and how I grew my readership/following. So I thought I would share my tips and tricks with you guys!

I have been blogging since 2008 and what once was simply a personal fashion diary, soon became an essential part of my business. I went full time as a fashion stylist and blogger in 2011 and have had lots of experience with blogging and growing my brand. If you’ve always wanted to start a blog, this video is for you! In the video I talk about the first four steps I would recommend taking when starting a fashion blog. Here is a sneak peek at what I cover:

How to Choose a Blog Topic – This seems much easier than it actually is! I show you how to define a niche within the fashion and beauty blogging categories.

How to Choose a Blog Name – This is another one that new bloggers seem to struggle with. I share my guidelines for choosing the perfect name for your blog.

What Platform to Use – There are many different blog hosting platforms to choose from. I tell you which one I use and other options as well.

Designing The Look and Feel of Your Blog – This is a BIG one! I share my tips on what to keep in mind when you’re designing your first fashion or beauty blog.

Please feel free to ask any questions you have about blogging in the comment boxes and I will be sure to respond to them ASAP! Let me know what you guys think and if you want to see more videos like this on my channel.

xo, SM